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                Drainage problems truss steel building design

                DATE:2014/8/27  FROM:Xuzhou Chang Yuang Steel Co., Ltd.

                For grid of steel construction, the drainage is very important, if the water gathered in the building, will no doubt increase the pressure on the underlying architecture, so drainage design architecture is very important, such as the traditional tile design houses to take into account the drainage , then how drainage structures grid structure of the building design?
                Steel truss roof area are larger, since the middle of the slope roof height is relatively large, roof drainage problem is very necessary. Truss roof drainage using the following ways:
                Plus on a small column, winding node
                Method on the winding node plus a small column formation drainage slope is more flexible, as long as you can change the height of a small column to form a double slope, hipped or other complex multi-slope drainage system. Small pillar structure is relatively simple, is currently used in more of a method to find the slope. When using this method, there are seismic requirements of the region, such as the use of small columns must find the slope method, to deal with small columns and seismic stability checking.
                2, The entire grid bagging
                Use practices throughout the grid to form a roof drainage slope bagging, is to make the upper and lower grid remains parallel chords, just across the entire grid in elevation. For dual slope drainage. This approach is good seismic performance.
                3, Truss steel variable height
                To form the roof drainage slope, can be highly variable grid method, which span the height of the grid increases, so that chord formation slope, bottom chord remains parallel to the ground. Because of the altitude increases across, can reduce the grid, bottom chord internal forces, so that the internal force tends to be uniform grid, but so kind chord and web members increase production to the grid to bring some difficulties. This approach will also improve the seismic performance of the grid.
                In order to ensure the water does not accumulate in the building or at the top of the water, in the beginning of the design grid structure should fully take into account the drainage structure design of the building.