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                On the grid processing techniques and details

                DATE:2014/8/16  FROM:Xuzhou Chang Yuang Steel Co., Ltd.

                Grid installation in recent years can be described as hot industry, real estate and project each city are inseparable grid installation. Grid is a basic fundamental, but also the House of frame scaffold work platform. With the grid installation foundation, lofty towers can be built in a few months. Remember the School of Architecture, use a grid to install a few days to build a 6-storey building of the jewelry you? Grid installation contribution to the construction industry is very large.
                When the grid is very emphasis on installation tips and details. Grid installation using aerial bulk, requiring erection mounting platform. In order to improve the construction schedule, the use of the full house scaffold platform. Platform surface distance between the bottom chord truss 0.3 ~ 0.8m, while the truss rod has to be classified according to the construction placed on the ground, according to the order being lifted to install platform.
                Every lifting is not more than 0.5 tons, hydraulic crane hoisting equipment selection scene, members winched to the platform immediately after the installation site by placing open, preventing members focus stacking. In addition to the production of pre-grid installation detects rods and bolts serious balls, but also to deal with rods and bolts balls pigeon verification and dimensions of testing, so that the rod bolt ball match using positive and negative deviations.
                In general, the mainstream grid installed, there are two ways, one is the rod directly scattered fight, the other is a small fight unit installed. During the installation process, the above two methods can be combined at the same time construction, must be in place when the high-strength bolts. Fastening method adopted many times, after tightening the bolts, and then tighten the set screws, and finally the oil putty on all seams and nodes ball excess caulking tight bolt holes and make up brush rust two.