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                Service hotline86-15189488488 86-516-85159111 / 83181858

                ABOUT US


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                About us

                Jiangsu Chang Yuan Steel Co., Ltd. is a source approved by the Ministry of Construction Steel, Wangjiagongcheng contracting, manufacturing, construction, two qualified enterprises. The company is engaged in the bolt ball node grid, design and manufacture of joints with steel, welded ball node grid, light steel and steel truss accessories and other products, installation and sales enterprises.
                The company's existing staff of 160, of which engaged grid, steel structure design, manufacture and installation, experienced engineering and technical personnel 80, including five senior engineer, registered structural engineer at the country level two, a project manager for the State 5, two project managers 16, covers an area of ??30,000 square meters.
                Cut pipe under SFCAD2008 company has international advanced level, MST2006 grid system design, 3D3S9.0, SAP2000 and STAAD / PRO intersecting frame design software, lightweight steel and other design software, grid, light steel, steel tubular wire material, bending, welding, fully automated or semi-automated.
                Steel Ltd. Jiangsu regular source of technology and management advantages to mention now advanced equipment, technology standards, high manufacturing precision, the whole construction team, excellent quality, built a complete set of scientific quality assurance system to ensure that the steel structure, the grid of internal and external quality. In recent years, often the source of Jiangsu Steel Co., relying on scientific and technological progress, continuous hard work, innovation, becoming the domestic construction industry, a magnificent display of star, currently the company is strengthening enterprise management, to become the largest industry in the business, science and technology the highest quality, widest product market, the overall strength of the strongest steel grid enterprises and efforts for the development of China's steel business new heights.